June 15th, 2022 by Mike Getman

College coaches are eager to see you in action and a highlight video is an essential tool.

Coaches cannot always get to events or sessions and rely on referrals and video to prioritize who they go evaluate. Video can help showcase your skills, talents, game play and determination on the field and in training.

– No longer than 6 minutes

– An optimal time would be 3 minutes.

– Post online so you can easily send the link to College Coaches

– Highlight clips using game film when possible

Find clips that show the skills you want the college coach to see.  50 clips of passing, is not as good as 5 clips passing, 5 clips finishing, 5 clips receiving the ball, 5 clips tackling or defending.

If you don’t have any video from games, a skills tape for field players, may consist of:

– Passing and receiving, both in the air and on the ground – Shooting, both power and finesse (Include Goals)

– Dribbling, moves, 1v1 defending and attacking

– Speed and agility with and without the ball

For a goalkeeper it should consist of:

– Agility and footwork

– Crosses and shot stopping

– Verbal communication in a game situation

– Participation in different goalie exercises

When your video is finished, watch it to see if it shows who you really are as a player. If you aren’t happy, cut out bad clips or add some new ones.  Make sure your name is in the video title.  Once it is finished, post it to Youtube or some other video service.  Then send the link to any colleges you are interested in.