May 28th, 2022 by Mike Getman

Sending an email to a college coach is one of the very best ways to start your recruitment process. Don’t wait for coaches to reach out to you. Send an email to any school you might have an interest in. Your emails should contain some or all of the information below:
Introduction, where you are from, High school graduation year.
Academic info – GPA, PSAT, ACT/SAT if taken. Top 2-3 soccer and academic accomplishments. Club team full name and the positions you play. Jersey # along with a link to your highlight video, upcoming schedule, club coach and college liaison contact information.
Emailing College Coach “DO’s”
DO include personalization, so it doesn’t look like a mass email to 20 schools.
DO keep it concise, organized, and easy to read quickly on any device.
DO send your email to all the coaches, not just the head coach; it is common
for an assistant coach to lead recruiting.
DO address the email to the head coach, all the coaches, or the school’s
soccer coaches.
i.e. “Dear Coach Burleigh”, “Dear Coach Burleigh, Coach Campbell, and Coach Kirkup”, or Dear UF Soccer Coaches”
Emailing College Coaches “DON’Ts”
DON’T write a long and wordy email.
DON’T address the email with, “Dear Coach”. Use their name, “Dear Coach Griffin”.