April 17th, 2022 by Mike Getman

If you just finished your High School career, I hope you have found the college that fits you best and offers everything you want in an education and soccer program.

If you are in your Junior or Senior year, now is the time to be making coaches aware of who you are and what you have to offer as a person, student, and player see it here. If you are in your Senior year, you may be playing catch up with some schools, but there are still opportunities out there. Start contacting coaches and making them aware of your interest.

If you are going into your Sophomore year, it wouldn’t hurt to begin the process, as the earlier a coach knows of your interest the more chances he will have to see you play. But it’s early and you may not yet know what schools and/or career path you are interested in. Take this time to explore your options and your interests.

Create a Soccer Resume and Cover Letter

The Cover Letter tells coaches that you are interested in their school and asks them to send you more information about their college and their soccer program. Include information about any upcoming events (tournaments or camps) that you will be playing in. Make sure you personalize your letter. Use the coach’s name, not just “Dear Coach”. Most coaches receive hundreds of emails and letters so make sure they don’t think that this is just a form letter that you are mass mailing. If you have something personal you can say about why you are interested in their program/school then include it. The more personal the better.

In your Resume, include the following:

  1. Your Name and Contact Information
  2. Your grade point average and SAT or ACT Scores if you have them.
  3. The teams you play on, with the Coaches names and contact information.
  4. Any outstanding team accomplishments.
  5. Any outstanding personal academic or athletic accomplishments.
  6. Your height, weight, and what position you play.
  7. A list of references; former coaches or other people who can speak well about you. Include phone numbers and email addresses.

The more details you can provide about yourself, the easier it is for coaches to get to know you. The less you provide, the more the coach has to dig and search to learn about you. The more time he must invest, the less likely he will do it. Make his job easy. Provide all the details you can.