Camp Fees

Residential Soccer Camp for Teams or Groups of 13 or more – $475 per camper.

How to Enroll

Send in a completed TEAM RESERVATION FORM with a $600 deposit to the Mike Getman Team Camp. Once we have received this, we will contact you and ask that your team members each complete a TEAM APPLICATION.  These individual team member applications must be mailed together in one envelope.   Final payment is due by June 1st.  If the team is sending in one check for the whole team, the $600 deposit will be applied towards the balance due. If the individual team members are sending in separate checks, they may send a $100 deposit or the full $475 at one time. Once this has been received, if an initial $600 deposit was previously paid, it will be returned.

Team Coaches, if they choose, may attend with their team and participate in the camp. One team coach may attend the camp, with his team at no cost.  The Team Coach will receive a $200 stipend for help in dorm supervision.

Team enrollment is limited. Team reservations will be accepted on a “First Come, First Served” basis, so apply early.

Cancellation Policy

Please let the Mike Getman Soccer Camp know as soon as possible if your team or any of its members cannot attend. If the team cancels before the individual applications have been received, the $600 deposit will not be refunded. If the team or team members cancel after individual application have been received, then all money minus a $100 dollar administrative fee per camper will be refunded. To receive a refund the camp office must be notified at least 72 hours before camp check-in starts.


Campers will be housed either 2 or 4 to a room.  We ask that Coaches or Administrators provide a rooming list.

Check In

Camp registration is between 1:30 and 2:30 pm (central time in Alabama) on the first day of camp. The first meeting is at 3:00 pm followed by the first Training Session at 3:30 pm. Departure is on day 4 at noon.

Camp Ball

Each camper must have a soccer ball at camp. Bring your own ball or purchase a camp soccer ball from the camp.

Camp Insurance

The Mike Getman Soccer Camp carries secondary medical insurance. Parents are expected to provide primary medical insurance for their child.

Additional Information

Upon receipt of your individual applications a complete checklist of items necessary for camp will be emailed to you and each camper, along with other camp information. Questions • call (205) 870-0194 or • EMAIL.