April 15th, 2022 by Mike Getman

There have been changes to the NCAA rules concerning contact between Coaches and potential recruits over the past few years.

Here are the basic differences.
Juniors and Seniors are allowed to contact coaches by email, text, Facebook, phone or almost any other format and coaches can reply or respond in any private format. They cannot make public posts to social media.  There is no limit to how often a college coach can write, post, text, or call you.  In the past, coaches were restricted to phone calls, emails and letters, and were only allowed to call once a week.
As before, coaches may not reply to Freshmen and Sophomores with any recruiting information but they can speak to you on the phone if you call them.  They cannot return phone calls, texts or other forms of messaging.  But Coaches may send you a recruiting questionnaire and camp information at any time.
Coaches may not be able to contact Freshman and Sophomores but you can send any information to the school or coach at any time. If you have a video, send a link to the coaches so they can watch you play.  Sending your academic details and other information can be done at any time. In general, the sooner the better.